our philosophy

Health and fitness is not all about what you look like on the outside, but more about how you feel on the inside. We want to dim the light on the ‘Fitness’ stereotype of the unrealistic, almost impossible, ‘fitness magazine image’ people have we ant to help people realise it’s so much more than that, we have formed our vision and the Turn back time fitness 4 pillars to achieve this.

Turn back time fitness 4 Pillars

Balance / moderation

Respecting time is key, the set time you give to training is for training and the time for other things is for those things. Keeping these times set and distinguished will help with the discipline it takes to get results


The problem when people train is that, usually, they are training for results, so they train far out of their comfort zone and find that they just cannot maintain it and consequently fall back into old habits. We believe that in order to make working out sustainable you have to train within your capacity, allowing your body to develop over time in line with your lifestyle. As your capacity grows your effort will naturally increase and more results will come in a sustainable way.


This is the thing that 99% of people start exercising for. In order to achieve your goals, you need to train and have the correct nutrition intake consistently over a period of time.


If you are comfortable where you are training the likelihood is that you are going to enjoy it more.

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