Learn more about our 3 programs we build based on you Turn back time fitness blueprint


DNA driven Personal training plan

Lifestyle programs derived from the building blocks of life

Did you know your genes react to your lifestyle, how active you are, what you eat and even how you rest.

These advances in genetic testing allow us to know what your individual health needs are. Your allergies, what diseases you are prone, your chance of addiction to certain substance. These are only the tip of the iceberg.

We can understand how your body processes and stores fat, We measure and interpret over 100 contributing factors to life quality and life expectancy to  produce your individual turn back time fitness blueprint.

Learn more about our 3 programs built based on you turn back time fitness blueprint


Our founding principles

Having your turn back time fitness blueprint is an empowering position to be in. You will know more about yourself than majority of the population. Now it is time to take that blueprint and fashion it into an functional lifestyle.

We have created four principles that hold together the four main aspects of a healthy lifestyle, in both a logical and practical way, making it possible for anyone to have the lifestyle they have always wanted and will now know they need.


Do it where you perfom the best

Do it consistently

Do it to your capacity

Do it at specific times





“Lucas helped me to improve my athleticism. I lived with him as his roommate, and he is clearly a part of my success today. He knows how to keep you focused on your goals, and to help you to reach them. It was a real pleasure to work with him, because now that I am playing in the National basket-ball league in France, I am thankful to Lucas for helping me to get better.”

Baskett ball player belgiumPhilippe Agapit 26 years old

“I have known Lucas Baume for 2 years in my capacity as a teacher at College of the Desert. Lucas is a knowledgeable, competent, and pleasant man. He is known for his lofty ambitions and athletic abilities. He has become a recognized leader in the field of human movement studies.
I must also make note of Lucas’ academic performance. He has excelled in achieving client goals. His above-average performance in the classroom and on the field is a direct result of his hard work and strong focus.”

Nellie Garcia, Crossfiter, Palm Springs, California

““ Working with Dez on my fitness has been great. She gives me courage and support . Our sessions are always hard work but always with an element of fun, enjoyment being so important to keep me motivate. Dez made me achieve what I believe to be impossible. My overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time. Dez became a friend with a genuine interest in I how I am doing.
I would not hesitate to recommend Dez as personal trainer.

Rejane, architect, London

““ Lucas is an excellent trainer. I've been training with him for four months and he thought me how to train basically. Since we started out, I have become stronger and fitter and more confident when I go to the gym. He learned me some programs so it's easy for me to train outside our sessions. Lucas is a good motivator, he knows just how and when to encourage and push me, though never too much. I highly recomend anyone who has the opportunity to train with him to do so.”

Tine , 25 Years Old, Student in Marketing, Oslo, Norway

““ I’m really thrilled with the progress I’ve made with Lucas’s help and training. Increased strength (without any injury) and great advice on everything from posture to diet. I’m sleeping better, have a ton more energy and stamina and I’ve been able to achieve all these goals by focusing on the things that matter. Lucas is patient and consistent, but also knows when to push me to try a bit harder - all the characteristics you hope for in a great trainer. I’drecommendhimimmediately”

Brendan, Global Manager 45 Years old, London

“Lucas makes exercising fun and also interesting – explaining what we’re doing and why
Lucas really challenges me and seems to know my capabilities or how much more I can be pushed more than I do. He’s very intuitive and easy to work with while still being challenging.
Flexibility is key. I work full time, travel a lot for work and have a new born baby – and Lucas is great with his flexible schedule. We can always find time for a session despite our mutually busy schedules. Also, I’m really happy with Lucas on a personal level!”

Antoine, Marketing executive, London

“Lucas is an excellent trainer. I’ve been working with him for over a year now. He has a deep understanding of the science and psychology of fitness. He’s provided me with sustainable nutrition and training programmes which have been adjusted as my strength and performance has improved. Lucas is super professional, reliable and very easy to get along with. When I started training with him I had a number of injuries which he expertly helped me train around and recover from. At 44, I’m fitter and stronger now than I've ever been.”

Chris, Marketing consultant, 44, London

“Lucas from Turn Back Time has been my PT for about a year - and the results have been impressive. Everyone tells me I've got fitter and I feel stronger and more in shape now (in my 40s) than I ever have before. Keep it coming Lucas! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him (and have indeed sent him to my mum!)”

Philippe , 42 Years old, Business Owner, London

“Working out with Des has made me find my confidence in the gym! She's really helped me improve my strength, fitness and through focused workouts finally start seeing results! 100% 5* PT!”

Georgia, Banker, 25 Years old, London

“I have been training with Lucas online from Paris for the pas 6 month and the result have amazing !
Great trainer great company. I enjoy it so much that I even manage to jump on the eurostar for a fitness weekend in London squizzing few sessions at their studio.
Simple and effective I really recommend it to anyone who wants to progress.

Lucas, 26 years old, Logistic Director, Paris

“Dez at Turn Back Time is amazing - she makes getting upin the morning - to exercise - enjoyable. She got me wedding ready last year and literally saved me from a lifetime of bad photographs, which I had been really anxious about. Because of her, I had never looked better. She is an incredible coach - she knows that all of her clients lifestyles are different and life is not just one size fits all”

Emma, 42, Agent, London

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